CMO Series


The Construction Management Overview program is a seven-part monthly webinar series offered to our members. Each month we will explore a different aspect of operating a contracting business in a highly regulated industry and the discussion will be facilitated by seasoned industry professionals. The series as a whole is designed to provide a baseline for your business development. The insights gained from these experts will allow you to position your company to increase capacity for access to a greater share of the market.

Session 1 Business Registration
Topics include: Business Structures | Contractor Licensing | CRA | WSIB | Minority Owned Supplier Certification
Session 2 Tenders
Topics include: Prequalification and Tenders | Estimating and Bid Preparation | Specifications and Drawings | General Contractors and Subcontractors | Contracts
Session 3 Financials
Topics include: Bookkeeping | Borrowing Money and Credit | Insurance and Bonding | Obtain a Business Account
Session 4 Health & Safety and The Environment
Topics include: Employer Roles and Responsibilities | Safety Training and Incident Reporting | COR and Safety Programs | Ministry of Labour Powers and Workers Rights | Ministry of the Environment and LEED Projects
Session 5 Workforce
Topics include: Onboarding new workers | Field Supervision | Unions | Journeypersons and Apprenticeships | Training | Payrates
Session 6 Project Execution
Topics include: Contract Law | Building Codes | Construction Management | CCDC Contracts | Progress Payments and Holdbacks
Session 7 SME Business Development
Topics include: Website | Social Media | Networking | Marketing and Promotional Efforts

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