Construction Management Overview Series


The Construction Management Overview program is a monthly webinar series offered to ACCA members! On a monthly basis, we will explore different aspects of operating a contracting business in a highly regulated industry which will be facilitated by seasoned industry professionals. These sessions are designed to provide the baseline for your business development. The insights gained from the variety of experts will allow you to position your company to increase capacity over time for access to a greater share of the market. All memberships grant access to the Construction Management Overview Series, enriching your understanding of construction management.

Sessions are once a month.

Session 1 Construction Practices

Topics include:
Business etiquette |Communication practices | On site behavior | Customer relationship |Contractor Licensing

Session 2 Tenders

Topics include:
Prequalification and Tenders | Estimating and Bid Preparation | Specifications and Drawings | General Contractors and Subcontractors | Contracts

Session 3 Financials

Topics include:
Bookkeeping| CRA Account| WSIB | Credit |Insurance and Bonding

Session 4 Construction Organizations

Topics include:
Special presentation by an ACCA partner.

Session 5 Health, Safety, and the Environment

Topics include:
Employer Roles and Responsibilities |Safety Training and Incident Reporting | COR and Safety Programs | Ministry of Labour Powers and Workers Rights |Ministry of the Environment

Session 6 Workforce Development

Topics include:
Training | Supervision | Workers Incentives

Session 7 Project Execution

Topics include:
Contract Law | Building Codes | Construction Management | CCDC Contracts | Progress Payments and Holdbacks

Session 8 Business Development

Topics include:
Website | Social Media | Networking | Marketing and Promotional Efforts